11/30 - Last Chance for Kickstarter!

Posted on November 30, 2011

Dearest of Dears,

OK, so here it is. We're gonna lay it down for ya.
Let's be honest...this has unquestionably become the greatest Kickstarter in all of the history of Kickstarter.
We reached our official goal so long ago, and now we've surpassed it. And we have all of you weirdos to thank!

So here it comes...
(imagine this in 23947 part harmony)
TTHHAANKKK YYOOUUUuuuuUUUuuuUUUuuuUUUuu. (sounded good, no?)


We've got a mere 2 days left of this campaign and we're really rolling up our sleeves - this is the final push, the fat lady singing, the last hurrah!!

If you have already helped, first and foremost we love you...but also, maybe your cousin Vinster (who stole all of Gran's homemade pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving) would love to hear about our cause!!


If you haven't, we still love you of course...but time is ticking!  Join the fam now for all sorts of special treats that you won't be able to get any other way!!


Now, we know we've been asking a lot of you over the last 58 days, so we also want to tag on a little extra bonus for every single donor! We have three options listed below and we'd like you to vote for your favorite in the comments section of our Kickstarter campaign!!  The option that gets the most votes from our wonderful Kickstarter family will be our way of saying an additional humble THANK YOU for every ounce of support you've given over the last two months!!


1.) Not sure what crafts to make for the holidays? Oh WEIRD... we happen to be AMAZING craft specialists!! ORNAMENTS, 3D CARDS, MACARONI NECKLACES?!?!? And alllll sorts of other things await in this online livestream Art Class! Vote for "The Spring Standards Arts and Crafts Hour"!


2.) OR, how does a little online tour of our favorite NYC locations tickle your fancy?? With your hosts... you guessed it. US! Via some form of Internet streaming! BOO YA! Vote for "The Standards Tour the Big Apple"!


3.) And don't forget the last little chestnut roasting in your open fire...



                                            - all songs requested by you in real time while we stream! Vote "Online Concert"!



The Spring Standards Kickstarter page. CLICK HERE!!!!

Now, onto even more exciting matters!

A few gig dates to announce.

First, Portsmouth, Rhode Island on December 3rd for "Common Fence Music"!

Next, we get to open up for Jukebox the Ghost on December 9th, in Hamden, CT... at The Space!!

AANNNDDD we are heading over to the other coast to play a few show in CA!
Silver Lake Lounge on Dec 15th and the Soda Bar on Dec 18th

THEN our favorite Annual Boxing Day show at The Arden Gild Hall on the 26th of Dec!

That's it for now folks...

We appreciate your time, your support and your putting up with our schemes.

So, once again, Thank you.

Really really.


Full Tour Dates

Sat, December 3 - Common Fence Music - Portsmouth, RI - tix
Fri, December 9 - The Space - Hamden, CT - tix - w/Jukebox the Ghost
Thu, December 15 - Silverlake Lounge - Los Angeles, CA - tix - w/Miracle Parade, Nik Freitas, & Mike Bloom
Sun, December 18 - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA - more info
Mon, December 26 - Arden Gild Hall - Arden, DE - more info
Fri, December 30 - Glasslands Gallery - Brooklyn, NY - tix