11/18 - Kickstarter & New Tour Dates!!

Posted on November 18, 2011

Alright Team...


You've already gotten us into the end zone. It was a sweet Hail Mary pass with seconds remaining to bring us within reach of the championship. If we go for the field goal we'll tie it up. Or we could go for broke and try for the two-point conversion, end it right here and subsequently release thousands of balloons onto the field. What's the call?? Time is ticking...!!


Ok, now that we've reeled you in with our thrilling football analogy, we can cut to the chase! Thanks to the everlasting wellspring of generosity that pours from y'all, we successfully met our Kickstarter goal weeks ahead of our deadline. As per usual, we can not adequately thank you for every single penny - we would be nowhere without you and we're so grateful!


So we have 13 days left in this campaign and even though our goal was ambitious, it was still a modest number considering all the things we've got in the works for this album. So over the next two weeks we intend to do everything we can to get all our resources in place to ensure that this release is everything we hope it will be! I suppose this is all a long-winded way of saying - if you haven't contributed yet, IT'S NOT TOO LATE!! There is always more to do and every single dollar still helps!!


We are very proud of the work we did with the donor packages for 'Yellow,' and as a contributor to '2' you will receive equally unique treasures, some of which are ONLY AVAILABLE through our Kickstarter campaign - handmade albums, screenprinted posters, hand-written lyrics - all very limited and specially designed for YOU!! Additionally, you will have this new music at a reduced price long before it's available to the general public - you'll be the coolest kid on the block!!

Most importantly (at least to us), you will join our music-making FAMILY. You can be the weird great-aunt or the ADHD cousin, or whoever you want to be - but you'll always know that you were an invaluable part of helping this music reach the rest of the world. And that's just so special.

Ok we're starting to sound like an infomercial so let's wrap it up. We're going to do some fun stuff over the next 13 days to remind you that we're in our final countdown, so be on the look-out! Also we're going to set a new internal goal and come up with a fun prize that EVERYONE can get if we reach it (last time it was a live-streaming cooking show!!), so keep your ears out for that as well!! 

Above all please help us spread the word - we're in the homestretch!! Let's go for that two-point conversion!!

Love forever and ever,


P.S. - Check below for the newly-added CA shows in December!!

New Dates!!!!


Thu, December 15 - Silverlake Lounge - 8pm - w/Miracle Parade, Nik Freitas & Mike Bloom - tix
2906 Sunset Boulevard / Los Angeles, CA 90026 / 21+


Sun, December 18 - Soda Bar - 8:30pm - more info
3615 El Cajon Boulevard / San Diego, CA 92104 / 21+


Fri, December 30 - Glasslands Gallery - 8:30pm - tix
289 Kent Avenue / Brooklyn, NY 11211 / 21+


Full Tour Dates

Sat, December 3 - Common Fence Music - Portsmouth, RI - tix
Fri, December 9 - The Space - Hamden, CT - tix - w/Jukebox the Ghost
Thu, December 15 - Silverlake Lounge - Los Angeles, CA - tix - w/Miracle Parade, Nik Freitas, & Mike Bloom
Sun, December 18 - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA - more info
Mon, December 26 - Arden Gild Hall - Arden, DE - more info
Fri, December 30 - Glasslands Gallery - Brooklyn, NY - tix