4/20 - Toursville 2011!!

Posted on April 20, 2011

Hello Pals!

We woke up this morning in Wisconsin to a cringe-worthy sight - SNOW! IN APRIL! Tragic. But we are unfazed because we're having such a blast with our new pals in Ha Ha Tonka that nothing can shake us! We're jazzed, we're stoked, we're happy as clams and cool as cucumbers! Bees knees baby!!

Many of you out there have already had a chance to see us play with this this fine fine band but if you haven't yet - THIS WEEK IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!! We're hitting a bunch of our favorite Midwest cities over the next 4 days so please come out and join the party! We promise you won't be disappointed.

We want to thank those of you who have started bringing cereal boxes to our shows, even without knowing why you were doing so! Your blind trust means a lot to us :) For the rest of you who are still on the fence about this whole "bringing-the-spring-standards-cardboard-for-some-unknown-reason" thing, we would like to make our official announcement of "WHY" right now! Ready??! Ready??! Here it is:

We are very excited to announce that we will be doing a LIMITED RELEASE of 100% RECYCLED, HAND-PACKAGED AND UNIQUELY-DESIGNED versions of our upcoming EP!! What does this mean exactly??! Let us tell you! We will be hand-making only 500 copies of the album, using the recycled cardboard that YOU wonderful people are bringing to our shows to build the packaging and putting our own blood, sweat and tears into the creation of your very own special custom-made entity!! How ya like them apples?!

For those of you who generously donated to our kickstarter campaign, you will automatically be receiving 1 of the 500 we make, so you can stop reading now if you want. To the rest of you (who we love just as much btw), be on the lookout for preorder details coming SOON! Since we're capping this at 500 copies, they're likely to go fast, so stay alert!!

We know what some of you are thinking - what if i don't care about the whole handmade packaging thing cause this is going right onto my computer anyway?? Never fear - the album will still be available digitally and we will still have physical copies available for purchase online and at shows. They will be sold in simple sleeves to cut down on waste but they'll have all the same music. We won't short-change, we promise!!

So that is why we're asking you to bring cardboard to our shows. Make sense now? It's to help us save trees and plastic and still deliver some sweet jams into your eardrums! Not to mention the fact that we're extremely curious to see what kind of cereal our fans like (there will be a pie graph on our website soon...).

Ok so that's the skinny - feel free to ask us questions on any social network or in person if you've got em! Oh and one more thing before we go - new tour video.

As you'll see, we have a pretty good time - come out to a live show soon and have a good time with us!


Full Tour Dates

Wed, Apr. 20 - The Frequency - Madison, WI - w/Ha Ha Tonka - tix
Thu, Apr. 21 - The Mill - Iowa City, IA - w/Ha Ha Tonka - tix
Fri, Apr. 22 - Off Broadway - St. Louis, MO - w/Ha Ha Tonka - tix
Sat, Apr. 23 - The Record Bar - Kansas City, MO - w/Ha Ha Tonka - tix
Sat, May 7 - Purple Fiddle - Thomas, WV - tix - For the Love of Music Benefit
Sat, May 21 - East Lansing Art Festival - East Lansing, MI - more info
Sun, June 12 - Levitt Pavilion-Arlington - Arlington, TX - more info
Thu, June 16 - Levitt Shell - Memphis, TN - more info