12/22 - New Year's Eve Show!

Posted on December 22, 2010

SsssssSSSHHHHHHOOOUuuuuuLLLLLLDDdddddDDDD alll aquantence beee forggooot andd neeevverrr broouugghhtt toooo....

You know the rest! EH?? EEHH?? itt's commmiiinnnngg!!

So, we wanted to say a few things before we get into our rant about bladdy blah and bloo dee bloo.

This year has been a pretty cool one...with broken down vehicles, crazy middle of no where/middle of somewhere shows, random strangers becoming beautiful friends and reply videos that made us all cry.

We just wanted to say thank you.


Thank you.

With this insane year almost behind us and a new one on the horizon, let us look forward into the sky and say, YES we WILL have some more of the insanity... YES we WILL dive deeper into the depths of crazyville and YES we WILL buy a mini donkey this year (we have the brochures).

In fact, we would like to kick off 2011 right in hopes that you will let us be your pre-game plans for New Years... We're playing at The Living Room at 8:30. Be there or be... in a cloud of drunkards far too early for your own comfort.

Fri, Dec. 31 - The Living Room - 8:30pm - tix
154 Ludlow Street / New York, NY 10002 / 21+


Guess what...

We are about to record another EP. And with this new EP? You guessed it...more crazy touring.

Including South by South West and another tour that will BLOW. YOUR. SOCKS. INTO. ANOTHER. DIMENSION.

And finally, we've got some new and improved merch items that will be coming your way in the near future. We'll let you know when they're ready, so keep your eyes peeled for that update!

So, again, thank you.  And we look forward to seeing you in the fine new year of us.


Full Tour Dates

Sun, Dec. 26 - Arden Gild Hall - Arden, DE - tix
Fri, Dec. 31 - The Living Room - New York, NY - tix
Sun, Jan. 9 - Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 - New York, Ny - w/Caravan of Thieves, Ari Hest & Enter the Haggis - tix
Sat, Jan. 15 - NightCat - Easton, MD - tix
Sun, Jan. 16 - Purple Fiddle - Thomas, WV - more info
Fri, Jan. 28 - The Ark - Ann Arbor Folk Festival - Ann Arbor, MI - w/The Avett Brothers, The Swell Season & more! - tix