3/02 - CD Release Show and New Tour Dates

Posted on March 04, 2010

In This Issue:

- New Tour Dates + SXSW
- CD Release Show in NYC!
- CD Pre-Sale & New Website...



Grab those winter boots and scarves and throw 'em out! And come with us on our mystical journey through a land of seasonal transition.
To the south we GGGGoooOOOOOooooOOOOoooOOOO!

We have so many crazy wonderful things coming up that we are so excited for and we wanted to share them with YOU!

In a few weeks we are heading to the illustrious "South by South West" and on the way, we will be having glorious times with all who care to journey with us.

All we're saying is...

Now we have a short bus and WE'RE in charge! (Not Ms. Carol, Smith’s elementary school bus driver.) There might well be back flips on the roof, concerts in random alleyways, fields, houses, hotels, rivers, malls, and every other thing that we deem perfect for an impromptu show.

That's right. We are determined to not only play all sorts of shows at SXSW, but along the way, we are going to be playing everywhere and anywhere until they kick us out! So stay tuned for our crazy wonderful secret fun shows. We'll find a way to let you know when and where they are. (Probably using bat-bear signals....but just in case the signal goes down, maybe you should follow us on Twitter:

So here are just some of the dates to start the wetting of your whistles.

Mar 11 - Night Cat - Easton, MD - tix
Mar 12 - Purple Fiddle - Thomas, WV - tix
Mar 13 - Natasha's Bistro - Lexington, KY - tix
Mar 14 - The Basement - Nashville, TN
Mar 15 - Sticky Fingerz - Little Rock, AR
Mar 17 - Holiday Inn Town Lake - Austin, TX - 5:45pm
Mar 19 - Clive Bar - Austin, TX - 11:15am
Mar 19 - BD Riley's - Austin, TX - Official SXSW Showcase - 8pm
Mar 20 - Bayou Lounge - Austin, TX - 2:45pm
Mar 20 - The Belmont - Austin, TX - 4:45pm
Mar 21 - Sneak Attack - Austin, TX - 2:45pm
Mar 24 - Sam's Burger Joint - San Antonio, TX - w/Via Audio
Mar 25 - Mango's - Houston, TX - w/Via Audio
Mar 26 - Green Elephant House - Dallas, TX - w/Via Audio
Apr 1 - The Union - Athens OH - w/Via Audio
Apr 2 - The Smiling Moose - Pittsburgh, PA - w/Via Audio
Apr 7 - Jammin' Java - Vienna, VA - w/Via Audio

The Spring Standards - CD RELEASE SHOW!!!!  (holy heck fire!)

Apr 17 - Le Poisson Rouge - NY, NY - tix - w/Via Audio

Oh, and one last thing... we're coming out of our internet slumber, so our website will be up and running soo very soon! So get ready for your minds to be blown WEBSITE STYLE!!!!

Also we'll be announcing the new album presale OH so soon, which means you'll get the CD with our amazingly swirly signatures (that we've been practicing like the Karate Kid for this very moment) and all sorts of other goodies with the album, like our new crazy lookin' t-shirts. SO just you wait. just you WAIT!!!!

Well that's it for now friends.  You are all wonderful, and we are so excited to see you on our travels towards the warmth.