11/9 - Joe's Pub This Friday!

Posted on March 04, 2010

The Story of Joe's Pub.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away... there lived a hobbit named Joe... Joe was a regular hobbit with a very strange ability... he could Taste sounds. When he would hear music he would get an explosion of the most beautiful flavors in his mouth. He would try to explain to people why he liked going to see music so much and no one would believe him. Until one day he decided that he was sick of having to explain himself to all of the other Hobbits and went in search of another land where people might understand him better. So he spent months and months building a boat of twigs and fig leaves and set sail on a voyage across the uncharted hobbit seas. To his surprise he found an island with the biggest trees he had ever seen, but these weren't ordinary trees... these trees were made of different metals, bricks and glass. He noticed these strange people walking around with wires hanging from their ears and determined that these people must love music as much HE did! SO he traded in his gold yarn for a room, where he set up the most amazing stage and sound system ever seen in this world or any other, and called it Joe's Pub. Then found the tastiest band he could find, to come and play in his new venue. This band gave him a firework display of flavor in his mouth, and they called themselves "The Spring Standards."

Come taste for yourselves!


We are playing Joe's pub again and are so very pumped.

Friday, November 13th
Joe's Pub - tix
425 Lafayette St./ New York, NY 10003 / All Ages / 9P

A lovely space, lovely people and a good time is definately gonna be had!

Look forward to seeing you there!


* Full List Of Tour Dates

November 10 - Ram's Head on Stage - Annapolis, MD - tix - Supporting: WPA TOUR
November 11- The Barns at Wolftrap - Vienna, VA - tix- Supporting: WPA TOUR
November 12 - Fairfield Theatre-Stage One- Fairfield, CT - tix- Supporting: WPA TOUR
November 13- Joe's Pub- New York, NY -tix
December 26 - Arden Club- Arden, DE - tix