November Tour!!

Posted on September 10, 2013

Oh the fine feeling of autumn - sharpening pencils, pulling those weird sweaters out of storage and FINALLY giving your poor skin a break from all that SPF 100 sunscreen.  Or maybe that last bit is only true for Heather and Cleare?  Could be....


Anyway, we had a tremendous summer - thanks to each and every one of you who hosted or attended our very first 'Live from a Living Room' tour! It was a massive success and this will hopefully be the first of many to come - midwest and west coast, we promise to make it to your living rooms next time!


We are delighted to announce some great tour dates this fall with a tremendous duo from Boston - they're called You Won't but believe us when we say YOU WILL fall in love with them! Yeeah, you see what we did there?  I'm sure they've nevergotten that before.  But truly, this band is a force of nature and we can't wait to share the stage with them.  We also have added a show with our old friends Lucius and new friends Alpenglow - shaping up to be a very busy November! 


Here's a full list of the dates:


Nov 2nd: Hamden, CT (The Outer Space) *
Nov 3rd: Bulington, VT (Higher Ground) #
Nov 5th: Montreal, QC (Divan Orange) *
Nov 6th: Toronto, ON (Horseshoe Tavern) *
Nov 7th: Pontiac, MI (Pike Room) *
Nov 8th: Chicago, IL (Schuba's) *
Nov 9th: Madison, WI (The Frequency) *
Nov 10th: Minneapolis, MN (7th St. Entry) *
Nov 11th: Marshfield, WI (Wildwood Station) *
Nov 12th: St. Louis, MO (Off Broadway) *
Nov 13th: Indy, IN (do317 Lounge) *
Nov 15th: Columbus, OH (Rumba Room) *
Nov 16th: Pittsburgh, PA (Club Cafe) *

*with You Won't
# with Lucius and Alpenglow
A reminder...
SEPT 14th at THE QUEEN!!!! in Delaware!
We are also lucky enough to have a great local act called Brethren playing with us - don't miss it!
Thats it for now folks, excited to see you all there!



* Full Tour Dates

Sat, Sept 14th - THE QUEEN!!!! - Wilmington, DE - w/Brethren - tix
Sat, Nov 2nd - the outer space - Hamden, CT - w/ You Wont 
Sun, Nov 3rd - Higher Ground - Bulington, VT - w/ Lucius and Alpenglow - tix
Tues, Nov 5th - Divan Orange - Montreal, QC - w/ You Wont - tix
Wed, Nov 6th - Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, ON - w/ You Wont
Thurs, Nov 7th - Pike Room - Pontiac, MI - w/ You Wont
Fri, Nov 8th - Schuba's - Chicago, IL - w/ You Wont
Sat, Nov 9th - The Frequency - Madison, WI - w/ You Wont
Sun, Nov 10th - 7th St. Entry - Minneapolis, MN - w/ You Wont - tix
Mon, Nov 11th - Wildwood Station - Marshfield, WI - w/ You Wont
Tues, Nov 12th - Off Broadway - St. Louis, MO - w/ You Wont
Wed, Nov 13th - do317 Lounge - Indy, IN - w/ You Wont
Fri, Nov 15th - Rumba Room - Columbus, OH - w/ You Wont
Sat, Nov 16th - Club Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA - w/ You Wont - tix