11/20 - Kickstarter Message & More...

Posted on November 20, 2012


*Kickstarter Message
*Mountain Stage Rebroadcast
*Full List of Tour Dates

*Kickstarter Message

Dear Friends,

We woke up on Sunday morning at our friend's house in Austin after only a few hours of sleep - our show the night before had been a little too much fun and we had 14 hours to drive that day.  Suffice it to say, we weren't fresh as daisies.

Then a shout came from the kitchen - Cleare had just received the email alerting us that we had reached our Kickstarter goal, a mere 67 hours after launching the campaign!! We cheered, we danced, we probably woke the neighbors (and definitely disturbed the cat)!  With the help of our beloved fans, we were certain that our dream of making a live album was going to become a reality!!  And we still had 26 days left of the campaign. what?!

We are writing to address that very question - some of you have asked if you missed your chance, and we wanted to address that publicly so we can all use every minute of the next 24 days to their greatest potential!

First and foremost, make no mistake - WE STILL NEED YOU!  Our goal of $12,000 is the minimum we need to complete this project (because, as you may already know, if you don't reach your goal on Kickstarter you don't get any of the funds!), but there are countless things we can do better, more fully, beautifully and creatively with the help of additional funds!  Renting better audio and video equipment is very high on our list, as well as exploring set and lighting options to make the overall show even more spectacular - the list goes on and on!  

Secondly, there are merch items available through this Kickstarter campaign that will NEVER BE AVAILABLE AGAIN!  Most notably, the physical copy of the Live Album we're recording!  When it's released next year, it will only be available digitally - meaning this is your ONLY chance to get a physical copy, and less than 1,000 of them will be pressed and hand-made especially for you!!  And awesome other stuff too!! Free tickets to shows, personal concerts in our Sprinter, the opportunity to VOTE on what song you would most like to hear on a live album - and more, more, MORE!!

So when you visit our Kickstarter page and see that our goal has been reached, don't be discouraged or disuaded!  Join with us in the celebration and become a part of our beloved super-exclusive Kickstarter family before another day goes by! 

We're the world's luckiest band, and we know it.


*Mountain Stage Rebroadcast

Last Novemeber, The Spring Standards performed for NPR's Mountainstage.  Their episode will be rebroadcasted on November 23, 2012.  Airtimes vary by station.  You can find a complete list of stations here. Next week their set will be posted at and archived for continued access.

* Full Tour Dates

Wed, Dec 26 - Arden Gild Hall - Arden, DE - tix
Sun, Dec 30 - Glasslands Gallery - Brooklyn, NY - 21+ - tix