11/15 - Live Album Kickstarter Announcement

Posted on November 15, 2012


Hey pals,


What's black, white and orange and goes frump frump?


We have no idea. But we do have some completely awesome and unrelated information to share with you!


Maybe you've heard it mentioned in interviews or in quiet, hushed tones at the merch table after shows.  But it's time to officially make it official and announce...officially.


We're recording a live album at this year's annual Boxing Day Show in Arden, DE!! BOOYAH!


We're bringing along the incredibly talented Dan Molad, who produced yellow//gold, to help us capture the night, we'll have some amazing guest performers and there will be a film crew too! Big plans people, big plans...


As you know all too well by now, nothing we do would be possible without your amazing generosity and support.  So it is on bended knee with preemptively grateful hearts that we humbly ask you to consider donating to our Kickstarter campaign for Live at the Arden Gild Hall.  Your help will allow us to capture the absolute best live recording and get it out there into the world, spreading The Spring Standards love as far as we possibly can.  And, believe it or not, there's something in it for you as well!  


When it is officially released next year, this album will ONLY be available digitally.  HOWEVER!  If you decide to donate to our Kickstarter campaign, you will be one of only a few hundred people with physical copies of the album - with handmade cases to boot! That's right folks - donating is the only way to get a physical copy of this live album, not to mention some other super exclusive treats and goodies we've got for ya if you decide to help us out!  So please take a look at our Kickstarter and see what makes sense for you - anything you're able to give will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO appreciated!! 


Alright everybody, that's it for now - we've gotta drive to Little Rock for night 4 of our lovely tour with Tim Easton (full dates below!).  Oh and if you haven't already, take a peek at these beautiful videos compliments of our pals over at the Wild Honey Pie!


Thank you so much. We love you all and we're grateful for you every day!




* Full Tour Dates

Thurs, Nov 15 - White Water Tavern - Little Rock, AR - w/ Tim Easton - 21+  - More Info
Fri, Nov 16 - Dan's Silverleaf - Denton, TX - w/ Tim Easton - tix
Sat, Nov 17 - The Mohawk - Austin, TX - w/ Tim Easton - More Info
Wed, Dec 26 - Arden Gild Hall - Arden, DE - tix
Sun, Dec 30 - Glasslands Gallery - Brooklyn, NY - 21+ - tix